【PSO2】 Casting Special Ability オメガ・メモリア
【PSO2】 Casting Special Ability オメガ・メモリア

PSO2 Special Ability - Omega Memoria


  • S-ATK = 打撃力   S-DEF = 打撃防御
  • R-ATK = 射撃力   R-DEF = 射撃防御
  • T-ATK = 法撃力   T-DEF = 法撃防御
  • DEX = 技量力

Omega Memoria - Ability Table

Omega Memoria(オメガ・メモリア)
ALL+15, HP+15, PP+2

Casting Special Ability - Omega Memoria(オメガ・メモリア)

Casting Omega Memoria need :

  • 1 Fabula Soul(ファーブラ・ソール) + 1 Historia Soul(イストリア・ソール) + 1 Omega Reverie(オメガ・レヴリー) Having Omega Memoria(オメガ・メモリア) success Rate of 10%

Omega Memoria(オメガ・メモリア) - Success Rate

  • 2 Omega Memoria(オメガ・メモリア) having the Success Rate of 50%
  • 3 Omega Memoria(オメガ・メモリア) having the Success Rate of 80%
2 Omega Memoria(オメガ・メモリア) having 50% success rate, 3 Omega Memoria(オメガ・メモリア) having 80% success rate, 4 and above remain the same success rate.
  • Able to use as a inheritance bonus for special ability Reverie, such as Omega, Elder, Loser, Appregina, Double, and persona Reverie having the inheritance bonus success rate of +20% , but not Mana Reverie.
  • Able to Coexist with special ability Factor, such as Yamato, Mother, Deus Factor, but do not have any inheritance bonus success rate.
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