【Xampp】phpMyAdmin Create Database or Table
【Xampp】phpMyAdmin Create Database or Table

Xampp - phpMyAdmin Create Database or Table

How to - Create phpMyAdmin Database or Table

In this post will shows you steps on how to create database or create single table into phpMyAdmin.

Table of - Content

Create - Database

Create - Database

1 - Open up your phpMyAdmin Page.

First open up your phpMyAdmin page, after you have open your phpMyAdmin page go to top navigation bar,
  1. Choose and select the databases.

2 - Create Database.

After you have click on the Databases button at the top, you will redirected to server databases page, inside the Create database section:
  1. Enter the database name.
  2. Click Create button.
After you have successful created your database it will be created and show inside the list label No. 3.

Create - Table

1 - Open Database you have created.

After you have click on the database you have created, you will see a Create Table section:
  1. Your Database Table Name.
  2. Numbers of columns you want for that table.
  3. Go button to create the table.

2 - To Create table colums.

I will explain the field that you needed to create a column:
  1. Numbers of additional column.
  2. Click to add additional column.
  3. Column Name.
  4. Data type for that column.
  5. The length allow for char data type.
  6. Default value after each record insert.
  7. To set the column as primary, index or unique.
  8. Create table.

3 - Example on create.

Example for the table i wanted to create, having the column of id(primary key), name, password, and status with default value of Valid. After you have enter all the columns name and field type click save button.

4 - Create using SQL query.

You can also create table by using SQL query, by scroll to the bottom you will see a Console button:
  1. Click on the Console.
  2. Type in your SQL query.
After type in to execute the SQL query, press Ctrl + Enter key.
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