【Xampp】phpMyAdmin Backup or export a single table
【Xampp】phpMyAdmin Backup or export a single table

Xampp - phpMyAdmin Backup or export a single table

How to - Backup or export phpMyAdmin single table

In this post will shows steps on how to backup your phpMyAdmin single table by export into a SQL file.

Table of - Content

1 - Open up your phpMyAdmin Page.

First open up your phpMyAdmin page for my case I am using Xampp, after you have open your phpMyAdmin page go to left pane,
  1. Choose and select the database (E.g: testdb).
  2. Click the table that you want to backup(E.g: account)

2 - Click on the Export in the top bar.

After you have click on the table(account) that you want to backup, next go to the top click on the export button.

3 - Export Table.

After you have click on the export button scroll to the bottom if needed you will see a Format section :

  1. Select the format you wan to export(I am exporting as SQL)
  2. After select click Go button.

After you have click go, it will start download (depend on your browser download behavior).

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