【Xampp】Insert Record into phpMyAdmin Table
【Xampp】Insert Record into phpMyAdmin Table

Xampp - Insert Record into phpMyAdmin Table

How to - Insert Record into phpMyAdmin Table

In this post will shows you the steps on how to insert record into your phpMyAdmin database table by using insert function provided and example of Insert sql statement.

Table of - Content

Import - Database

1 - Open Up Your Database.

First, open up your database by clicking your database name :
  1. Click on the database.
  2. Click on your table that you want to add records to.

2 - Go To Insert Button.

After your have click on the table that your want to insert records, next go to:
  1. Shows the records that have in this table, if don’t have any it will only show table header.
  2. Click on the Insert Button.

3 - Insert Record.

After you have click on the insert button you will see by default having 2 prepared row for you shows in item No. 1 and 2, for item No. 3 for you to add additional rows to insert after increasing or decreasing the rows go to select item No. 4 Go button to add rows, for item No. 5 after you have entered all the rows details click either 1 of the Go button will insert into the table.

4 - Insert Records By SQL Statement.

For using SQL statement, scroll to the bottom if needed, click on the Console button and type in : INSERT INTO `account` (`id`, `Username`, `password`, `name`, `address`) VALUES (‘25‘, ‘test001‘, ‘testpass‘, ‘test001‘, ‘test address‘); Orange Color : the column name. Blue Color : the detail your wan to insert. to execute just press Ctrl+Enter.
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