【Windows】 Start PC in Safe Mode
【Windows】 Start PC in Safe Mode

Windows - Start PC In Safe Mode

How to - Start PC In Safe Mode

In this post will show you the steps on how to start your PC in safe mode by using system configuration under control panel all control panel items administrative tools.

Table of - Content

1.1 - Using Run.

The first method, press Windows icon key + R, type in mscondif and hit enter.

1.2 - Using Control Panel.

The second method, Go to your control panel at the top right select the View by Large Icon and find Administrative Tools, after that under administrative tools find System Configuration and open it.

2 - Setting on Safe Boot.

After you have open the System Configuration, go to Boot Tab, under the boot tab go to Boot optionssection, tick the Safe boot. After that Apply and close the windows and restart your PC, after you restart your PC should start at Safe Mode. Remember to clear the Checkbox after you no longer need to start your PC in safe mode.
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