【Windows】Startup an app when windows start Manually
【Windows】Startup an app when windows start Manually

Windows - Startup an app when windows start

How to - Startup an app when windows start

In this post will show you 2 method on how to enable and disable startup when windows start by using windows task manager and placing application into windows startup folder.

Method 1 - Task Manager

1 - Go To Your Windows Task Manager.

First open up you windows task manager, after you have opened your Task Manager :
  1. Go to startup tab.
  2. Right click an disabled app.
  3. Choose Enable option.

Method 2 - Startup folder

1 - Open Startup Folder.

Open Run Dialog by pressing Win + R key, and type in shell:startup and press OK button, Startup folder will open.

2 - Copy Executable file into folder.

After Startup Folder open, copy an executable file(that you want to startup when windows start) into the startup folder, for example I am copying Google Chrome shortcut into the folder. To see the result you may sign out your PC and sign in again.

3 - To Disable.

To Disable you just need to delete the file that you have copied into the startup folder or go to task manager startup tab and choose the app that you have copy into the startup folder earlier and right click choose disable, the file will remove from the startup folder.
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